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” I love dancing, but I’m not that good of a singer. I sang in punk rock bands in high school and college and stuff, but that mostly involved lots of screaming. “

” I can’t even tell you how many different shows I would love to guest star on because there’s just too many. “

” That’s what my dad always said. ‘If you’re very lucky, it’ll work out.’ I love what it is I do, and I realize how blessed I am. So now it’s just about doing the work as good as possible and enjoying the ride. “

” I am really blessed and fortunate to be on ‘NCIS.’ I really enjoy it, and I really enjoy the cast and all my friends that I have on set. With that said, I grew up doing theater and went to University of Colorado in Boulder and absolutely fell in love with theater. “

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I love dancing, but I
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I am really blessed and fortunate to be on