” It is weird. People will say, ‘Oh my God, I love you.’ And I’ll say, ‘Oh, that’s so sweet. Thank you.’ And the people who are walking around with me for the first time will say, ‘I don’t understand what happened. Somebody just told you they love you. I don’t even understand what that means. “

” I’m really 100 per cent invested in ‘Suburgatory’ right now – I’m really focused on that and really like taking it all in. It’s so much fun and I just love this character and I love the guys I work with so I’m just enjoying this right now. “

” I love hot sauce. It can’t be hot enough for me. “

” Manipulating people is what’s so fun about poker. I love that you can just look into someone’s eyes and lie – and it’s perfectly acceptable. “

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It is weird. People will say,

I love hot sauce. It can
Manipulating people is what