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” I guess once you’ve seen Uma Thurman beaten up endlessly in the ‘Kill Bill’ movies, you think, ‘If Uma can take it, what’s the matter with me? “

” You don’t get paid a whole lot for theatre, but you know, I feel more like, ‘Where could I buy this experience, and how much would it cost? Who else would give me this kind of focus and put me in a room with this kind of talent? “

” I’ve done three Broadway shows, once the curtain goes up, that’s it. I mean, you prepare and you rehearse like crazy, but after opening night, the director’s not there anymore, you know. He gives you notes during previews after each performance, but opening night, you’re on your own. “

” I’d always keep going back to the acting. Once the rent was paid, and the phone bill, the next money you had was for acting classes. “

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