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” The review I’ve been most offended by came when I played Hamlet. I’d always prided myself on being an ‘invisible actor’ and not getting in the way of the play. But this review didn’t mention me once. That’s worse than being insulted. “

” I’ve been doing a little project with my 11-year-old son, Charlie: we’re canoeing from the source of the Thames to the Houses of Parliament. It’s taken us three years so far, and we’re only half way. “

” I can’t stand interpretation. I think it’s one of the great scourges of the theater. I just think, ‘Don’t get in the way of the play. “

” I was doing a movie, ‘Diana,’ and I pulled aside the guy who was making the nose for Naomi Watts and said, ‘I’m about to do ‘Cyrano.’ So he did various Photoshops of different looks that might work. I was really against any kind of ‘Pinocchio’ theater thing. The way that it’s described in the play is this disfigurement. “

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