4 Hidetaka Miyazaki Quotes about People

” Now I’m president. I get to meet a lot of other company presidents. They’re such weird people. I’m fascinated by them. I use some of them as enemy characters in our games. “

” I’ve observed some surprise in the reactions so far from people who were not aware that FromSoftware does other things besides ‘Souls.’ This serves as a reminder to me that we have an established reputation – and that we should work on different games so we can be more flexible and build a broader profile. “

” First of all, I don’t dislike direct storytelling – people seem to think that about my games! Actually, the truth is, I’m just not good at implementing direct narrative in my games. “

” In ‘Demon’s Souls,’ we tried to implement some features in a kind of experimental way, not being sure whether or not it would be popular, but we did it anyway so that we could see how people reacted. “

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