4 Jeff Grubb Quotes about You

” Part of the story of ‘Ghosts of Ascalon’ is how they got to that tentative truce where you can find humans and charr working together. “

” ‘Guild Wars 2’ is a wider world in that we have a lot of different mechanics available for storytelling. We have our personal story, the story of you, which is tailored for your character. You answer some basic questions, you make some decisions early on, and that follows through. “

” In ‘Guild Wars 2,’ the dragons are the greatest threat, but there’s so much more going on. It’s a living world, it’s a dynamic world. There are places where you find your piece of earth, and you can develop and play with it. “

” The original ‘Guild Wars’ was heavily instanced: you’d have these outposts where everybody was in, but as soon as you got out of town, it became very lonely very fast because you were going for an instance of you and your party. “

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