4 Keith Flint Think Quotes

” If you’re onstage thinking about what you’re going to eat when you get offstage, it’s time to finish. “

” Don’t you think it’s kind-of cool to have a band that offends MTV, that puts out a video that real fans have to dig around for, or stay up late to see? “

” I just do my thing onstage – it’s just what happens. No one, even if they’re into the band, can know it’s as natural and real as anything can be. I don’t think about it. “

” I’m not sure if I’d call myself an extrovert. I think I’m a bit contradictory. I like being endearing and venomous at the same time. I guess it’s one part of myself fighting against the other part, proving that I’m not that nice all the time. “

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I just do my thing onstage - it