4 Lindsay Mendez You Quotes

” When you hear you’re going to audition for ‘Dogfight,’ the show about bringing ugly women to parties, you’re like, ‘Oh, great, thank you.’ Then you read lines where people call you fat, and you call yourself fat or ugly, and it can wear on you. But that’s also our dream as actors, to play someone else and give someone else a voice. “

” The first time I didn’t get called back at an audition, I cried. My mom told me, ‘We’re doing this for fun, and if it’s not fun anymore, we’re not going to do it. So if you ever cry again, we’re going to stop.’ I never cried from then on, and I kept that lesson for the rest of my life. “

” There was so much emotional response to ‘Dogfight.’ You just heard the audience: They were so horrified. They were sobbing. They were joyful at times. “

” At ‘Wicked,’ they are really great about letting you make your own choices with the roles. “

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There was so much emotional response to