” I think there’s a, you know, certain kind of freedom for me when I get on stage. Maybe it’s because I’ve held it back for so long that it’s made me a little bit of angst inside. It’s kind of like this energy needs to come out. And there’s a certain sense, you know, of freedom when I get on that stage. “

” I really think I’ve found me finally in the music. You know, I had put an album out before, ‘Embrace Me,’ and it’s been seven years since that. So I was discovering who I was. And I still am discovering, but I think now I know a little bit more of who I am. So that’s what’s pushing me. “

” Working with Prince, it’s kind of like he’s opened up this whole new world, especially with the horn players. And I’m like, ‘Man, only if I had strings on this album, too.’ And I’m like, ‘I wish I had an orchestra.’ So I just, you know – I just wonder what’s next, you know. I just want to constantly push myself for more. “

” When I’m on stage, it’s such a spiritual moment that I hope, even when we hit ‘Fallon,’ you can feel that through the TV. I have this whole horn section that’s part of New Power Generation, I have an amazing crew of musicians behind me. It’s their energy, too. “

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