4 Nikita Dutta Girl Quotes

” I didn’t do anything productive during my break after ‘Dream Girl.’ I didn’t even take a vacation! “

” In ‘Ek Duje’… I play Suman, a girl who runs her own tiffin service in Delhi. She is calm and composed at home but quite bold when it comes to facing the outside world. “

” Indian audiences these days aren’t really interested in watching a character on screen evolve. They don’t want to see a young girl evolve into being a partner and enter motherhood – they are only really concerned about the story. As long as the story is getting interesting with every passing episode, they want more. “

” With ‘Gold,’ it was a very simple girl, and in ‘Kabir Singh,’ it’s more of a glam role. That’s my aim: I want to experiment as much as I can. These two are very small areas of experimentation. “

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