” Finally, I’ve reached a place where if I’m working with an artist, they allow me to just do whatever I feel. Growing up, it was like, ‘We want another ‘Peaches and Cream.’ Then you realise… why would you want a 2001 Mercedes Benz when I’m making 2018 Benzes? “

” It’s cool to have a big record, but it’s even cooler for the world to love it and sing along to it in every club word-for-word. It’s a real feeling. “

” Most writer’s blocks come from people second-guessing to the point where they get discouraged, and they just quit. For me, if I write something and it’s not amazing, I don’t care because even if I feel like it might not be amazing, it could still be a number-one hit. “

” I find inspiration by feeling like I haven’t done or achieved anything. I push all songs I’ve written to the furthest part of my mind so I am not thinking of what I’ve done. I continue to think on what I need to do. “

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I find inspiration by feeling like I haven