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” Maybe because I come from choreography, I’ve always felt that there’s something about action films that made it very natural for me to go that way. It’s story through movement. “

” What’s interesting was with all the shows I did on Broadway, I was either the dance captain or the assistant choreographer – I sort of worked my way up to that kind of thing – and I always was interested in more than just the dancers and the numbers. I would always sneak into the room and watch the scene work. “

” I’m very aware of the fact that Broadway musicals being brought to the screen are very few and far between, and it’s important to continue that relationship between Broadway and film. It’s a privilege and an honor for me to be instrumental in some way in keeping that alive. “

” I’m not a writer, although, as a filmmaker, you are an author in a certain way. “

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Maybe because I come from choreography, I