” I think that pirates represent every person’s ability to get up and leave their current daily situation and go on an adventure, and maybe to see things and do things they’ve never done before or even dreamed of doing. “

” I think it’s strange for people to read about themselves, no matter what’s portrayed or how it’s portrayed. But they get used to it, and I think they’re fine with it. “

” I love nonfiction the most. It’s hard to find a good nonfiction story, and that’s why I’m not as prolific, I guess, as a lot of people. They’re hard to find. I love the nonfiction writer Ben Macintyre. I think he’s terrific at the form of telling a story in a cinematic way. “

” For my new book ‘Pirate Hunters’, I follow John Chatterton and John Mattera, two world-class scuba divers, who teach themselves to think and act as pirates while searching for what would be only the second pirate ship ever found and positively identified. “

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I think that pirates represent every person
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I love nonfiction the most. It
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