” I don’t want to give advice to people about their religious beliefs, but I do think that it’s not smart to bet against the power of science to figure out the natural world. It used to be, a thousand years ago, that if you wanted to explain why the moon moved through the sky, you needed to invoke God. “

” I’m a big believer that science is part of a larger cultural thing. Science is not all by itself. “

” There’s no reason to be agnostic about ideas that are dramatically incompatible with everything we know about modern science. “

” Science is a way of getting knowledge. It’s a method. It’s a method that really relies on making mistakes. We propose ideas, they are usually wrong, and we test them against the data. Scientists do this in a formal way. It’s a way that everyone can go through life, that’s how we should be teaching science from a very young age. “

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Science is a way of getting knowledge. It