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” I’m in a really nice position because I can be selective with the modeling jobs that I do and just work with brands I’m passionate about. The two worlds balance out nicely for me because modeling is so social – it has travel, you meet people, it’s extroverted. Whereas painting is very solitary – when I paint, I’m kind of in my own world. “

” I get a lot of people that say, ‘You know what, I heard that you’re a painter, and I thought, ‘Oh, another model who is saying she’s an artist.’ They assumed it was going to be a few splashes on a canvas. “

” Let’s be honest: the label of model-daughter-of-celebrity mother is… you know, I don’t want to have that label. It’s not who I am. It’s not my values to go off someone else’s name and to be pigeonholed as that. So in a way, that has really pushed me to be more independent. “

” I don’t want to do things because it will please other people. I’m not doing this to get fame or any attention. I try to be selective about who I get advice from. I would like to contribute to the art world, but, you know, you can’t plan these things. “

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I get a lot of people that say,

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