4 Vince Gilligan Love Quotes

” I never thought anyone would come up to me and say, ‘I like ‘Better Call Saul’ better than ‘Breaking Bad.” If you had asked me before we started, ‘Would that bother you if someone said that?’ First of all, I would have said, ‘That’s never gonna happen. And yeah, it probably would bother me.’ It doesn’t bother me a bit. It tickles me. I love it. “

” Breaking Bad’… the beauty of it is, some people are always going to love ‘Breaking Bad’ more. But I run into people every day now who say ‘Better Call Saul’ is their favorite of the two. I love hearing that. I don’t know where I fall personally on that scale, that continuum – I try not to choose. “

” I’m very glad people love ‘Breaking Bad,’ but the harder character to write is the good character that’s as interesting and as engaging as the bad guy. “

” It’s amazing, the quality of good work that happened in the fifties when a series would have to turn out 30-some episodes a season – it’s amazing that ‘I Love Lucy’ was as good as it was! “

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I never thought anyone would come up to me and say,
Breaking Bad