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” There’s a certain road in life most people walk on, because it’s familiar, and they can jostle to get in front place. I prefer to take a different road that’s less crowded, with many forks, where you get a wider view of life. I call it ‘the road less travelled’. That’s where I want to be. “

” A lot of people don’t know that Beethoven, when he wrote the Fifth Symphony, that second movement, he took eight years to figure that out! “

” I think the music that’s called ‘future stuff’ is the soundtrack to the few people who have the nerve and the courage to continue, to go to the end of the line and not be deterred. “

” There’s a steady forward march of a creative process that some of us stay with and don’t give up – that should be an admirable thing – from Louis Armstrong to Charlie Parker to Miles to Ornette and some people who are not even known today – some kids coming up – people who are out to change the world. “

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A lot of people don

I think the music that