5 ASAP Ferg Art Quotes

” I create art. It’s kinda abstract. “

” Andy Warhol’s art wasn’t that interesting to me. He was more interesting to me as a person. He was art himself. I don’t even think he was really into art, per se. He may have liked to do it, but I think he was more into people being into him. “

” If I was just to shut up, I wouldn’t be a true artist. “

” I’m not a manufactured artist. Nobody taught me how to be a proper artist. “

” I’m sort of like Jean-Paul Goude, the graphic designer who used to style Grace Jones and shoot all her visuals, just meaning that I use all mediums in one – music, fashion, and art. I’m hitting it from all angles. “

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I create art. It
Andy Warhol

If I was just to shut up, I wouldn