” I can play guitar – but I can’t really. I wouldn’t say I’m talented at it. I just kind of watch videos on YouTube, and I follow the instructions… OK, yeah, my hidden talent: I’m good at following instructions! “

” I’m so used to America, used to the traffic in L.A., and I don’t really feel it click with the Korean culture. But obviously, I have a Korean face, and I feel like that’s just – you know, I can’t walk around people like I’m, like, straight-up American. It’s like, I’m Korean American. My parents are from Korea. “

” I’m, like, finishing up high school. I don’t know how you can learn anything from me because I’m still, like, a teenager. I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. “

” If you give me fro-yo without mangoes, you’re dead to me. If you say that Hawaiian pizza is gross, we’re done. “

” The Olympics are just different. I’m not sure why, the pipe’s the same size, the board you’re riding is the same, you’re competing against pretty much the same people. But the Olympics is the Olympics, and I know it’s a really big deal. “

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If you give me fro-yo without mangoes, you
The Olympics are just different. I