” It’s more dangerous to be a friend or relative of Jackie Chan in the star’s movies than it is to play the third yeoman on a ‘Star Trek’ episode. “

” It’s true that as Mr. Chan makes more American movies – and gets older – we will never again see the kind of fistfight choreography that the star would devote four months to shoot. “

” Music is a big part of the director’s life, Ms. Coppola’s previous feature, a screen adaptation of ‘The Virgin Suicides,’ was informed more substantially by the score by the group Air than by the narrative. “

” ‘Eight-Legged Freaks’ runs out of gas scarily fast – its one-joke premise lends itself more to a short than a feature. “

” ‘Boat Trip’ is more tiresome and dumb than actually bad. “

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Music is a big part of the director