” It’s very hard to get together with your friends. You rarely see friends as a whole group. “

” It’s when people come at you on Twitter and say really crazy things. That’s the kind of stuff that I insulate myself from. All of that is not very interesting or helpful, but we have critics who sometimes really love us or sometimes don’t, and it’s really interesting for me to see what they don’t like about it. “

” I always think there’s this thing, when you live in New York, like, this unspoken agreement between everyone who lives there, like, ‘We’re sticking this out. It’s the hardest place to live, but it’s the best city in the world, so we are all going to do this together. “

” You have trouble breastfeeding, and for some reason, it’s supposed to be so organic that you feel like you’re doing something incorrect. “

” I’m in charge of a lot of young women. They occasionally come to me for advice, and I have to wrangle them. “

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I always think there
You have trouble breastfeeding, and for some reason, it