5 Kano Think Quotes

” People think I can’t go shopping – that’s their perception of how famous I am. “

” I’ve got a friend who went to jail in 2004 just before my first album came out. I’m on TV, and they’re inside, looking at me like I’m 50 Cent. They think I’m killing it, earning mad dough every day. I’m sending him trainers and that, but it’s not enough, because he thinks I should be doing more. “

” You may think it’s weird working with a cartoon band but there are a lot of characters in grime, especially since the early days. “

” There are too many kids who don’t think they can make it to the top. They give up before they have even started, but in my eyes everyone can succeed and it’s really important that young people believe in themselves. “

” I like Jay-Z for his lyrics, his flow, he’s always forward thinking. “

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People think I can

You may think it
There are too many kids who don
I like Jay-Z for his lyrics, his flow, he