” I’m a happily married man and I think to get married you have to be optimistic. “

” I’m a Golden Globe nominee, yes. It’s very nice. It’s a very nice thing, but I kind of think of all the awards I wasn’t ever nominated for, for years and things. “

” I like them all – I don’t always approve. I see myself as a sort of benevolent uncle to these characters, and I can see why they do what they do, sometimes they make some mistakes, but at heart I think they’re decent. “

” But I think the thing I’m proud of about the film is that there aren’t many films – either independent films or mainstream Hollywood films – that are like this, it’s of its own times, and it’s the film Mike Nichols wanted to make. “

” I’m a Jew. I think of myself as a Jew first and Englishman second. “

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