” If we look at ‘Borderlands,’ I can’t honestly say that there is anything about how well the game sold that I’m disappointed about. “

” With ‘Duke Nukem Forever’ it was a different level of commitment for me with reference to helping the creators be true to their vision. I’ve been able to enjoy this game as much as a fan as I am a part of the creative process, and that’s a very rare and unique for me. “

” Why is ‘Borderlands’ different from every other game with respect to DLC? It’s because we haven’t really worried about what the past models are. We just thought about what would be fun for us to make and what there would be demand for if it were to exist. “

” No gamer, whether you’ve played ‘Duke 3D’ or you haven’t, can play ‘Duke Forever’ without having experiences that surprise them. “

” Just as ‘Half-Life’ redefined the first person action game, ‘Half-Life’ for Dreamcast redefines what an extension of a great PC game to console should be. “

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