” I’ve definitely learned that if you want to have power as a woman in Shakespeare’s time, and it’s still relevant today, that you have to play a different game than men play, and you have to be a lot cleverer. “

” It’s like saying French shouldn’t be taught because you don’t understand it because it’s new. Shakespeare is just like learning a new, exciting language. “

” I hope it’s always going to be a mix between theatre, film and radio. I’ve been very lucky living in London that you can do all that – in New York and L.A., there’s more of a structure for film in L.A. and theatre in New York. In London, our industry is smaller, but it produces brilliant work all in one place. “

” With Millais’s paintings, it’s microscopic, when he does hair, it’s extraordinary: you can see every strand. “

” In New York, I get people coming up to me because ‘The History Boys’ was such a hit on Broadway, and they show the film all the time on cable over there, so people recognise you. “

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With Millais
In New York, I get people coming up to me because