” We’re dealing with men here. What we’re trying to do is help them become the best players they can be, and we’re all collectively trying to win games. So what I always tell people is that the way you earn these players’ respect is, do you make them a better football player? “

” I think what we’ve tried to preach to our players is we’re going to let the best players play. “

” We’re trying to win football games, and whoever we feel like gives us the best chance is who’s going to play behind center. “

” When you’re a position coach, your next goal is to be a coordinator. While trying to be the best tight ends coach you can be, I always wanted to be an offensive coordinator at some point. When the opportunity presents itself, you want to make sure you capitalize on that. “

” When you talk about forming an offensive identity, it’s about, first, let’s figure out what our players do best. “

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When you talk about forming an offensive identity, it