5 Tony McCoy Myself Quotes

” It’s not hard to motivate myself because once you get a taste for winning races, you simply don’t want to do anything else. You get a buzz from it. You want it every day. Only someone who has experienced winning can understand how good it feels. “

” I am disappointed when I don’t win, because I want to believe I can win on every horse I ride, which is a ridiculous thing to think. Even if I’m on a horse that I have woken up thinking has no chance, by the time I’ve reached the course, I’ll have convinced myself that it can win and will be disappointed if it doesn’t. “

” When I’m injured, I eat everything – proper junk. That’s the one thing about being injured so much, I get to treat myself. “

” I think I’m skilful enough, but I don’t consider myself a naturally talented, gifted sports person. “

” I dream up things, and then I convince myself that they’re possible. “

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I dream up things, and then I convince myself that they