5 Topher Grace Love Quotes

” Working on ‘Lonely, I’m Not’ – I love the material so much, and it’s spring in New York, so I’m walking home whistling every day. “

” I’m not a comedian, but I love the comedians who know when to get off the stage. “

” That’s the best thing about being an actor. If you’re in a baseball movie, you walk away knowing way more about baseball, or if you’re in a sci-fi film, you learn way more about Comic-Con, and so I loved all that. “

” It’s kind of like, I love doing tons of different things. The only thing I hate is not being in ensembles. “

” I really loved when I started doing ’70s Show,’ though I had never acted before, so it was a great training ground being on a sitcom. “

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Working on

I really loved when I started doing