6 RaeLynn God Quotes

” You’re only as good as your last song. That’s something somebody told me, and it’s so true. You’ve just gotta keep putting yourself out there, even promoting ‘God Made Girls. “

” The coolest part about ‘God Made Girls’ is you had all these different women writing it, so you had all these different perspectives in this song. “

” I got to go back and perform ‘God Made Girls’ on ‘The Voice,’ which was awesome. I also got invited to sing on the ‘Grand Ole Opry,’ which was another unbelievable moment. “

” There’s just something so special about ‘God Made Girls.’ It comes from a girl’s perspective, and there’s nothing like that on radio right now, and so I think that’s what made us able to pick that song as a single. “

” Songwriter friends will be like, ‘Oh my God, when are you going to put out ‘Love Triangle?” It’s just been that song for me that really helped me get a lot of writing sessions and helped jump-start my writing career. “

” God Made Girls’ was such a success for me. I’m so blessed to have over half a million downloads on that song. I was the highest-charting new female in 2014, and I couldn’t have done that without Big Machine and their support. “

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The coolest part about

I got to go back and perform
Songwriter friends will be like,
God Made Girls