6 RaeLynn Song Quotes

” The coolest part about ‘God Made Girls’ is you had all these different women writing it, so you had all these different perspectives in this song. “

” That’s my favorite part about songwriting, the way you write a song, and someone else might hear it a different way. “

” I’ve been writing since I came to Nashville when I was 17. I’ve been blessed to have written with so many of the biggest names around. They took me under their wing and taught me the ways of writing. They saw something special in me, which feels great. Every song on my record is going to be original, and that’s just a really cool feeling. “

” I’m doing a program with NAFME for music and education in schools, and for a week, we will be getting in a bus and traveling across the United States. We’re starting at Disney World and ending at the Grand OIe Opry. We will be performing at different schools, and I wrote a song for the program called ‘Always Sing. “

” There’s just something so special about ‘God Made Girls.’ It comes from a girl’s perspective, and there’s nothing like that on radio right now, and so I think that’s what made us able to pick that song as a single. “

” God Made Girls’ was such a success for me. I’m so blessed to have over half a million downloads on that song. I was the highest-charting new female in 2014, and I couldn’t have done that without Big Machine and their support. “

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The coolest part about

God Made Girls