6 Ryan Hurd You Quotes

” You never think your song’s gonna be on the radio. Until it is. “

” When you’re a songwriter, you don’t have control over which songs get heard and which ones don’t. “

” Whenever you put out music, you’re just rolling the dice, and the nice thing with Spotify is they’re willing to roll them with you. “

” It’s very validating to have people who do what you do react to a song in a cool way. “

” That’s a lonely place when you think that nobody wants to work with you, but in reality, what it is is they’re just wanting to see you get good enough to get a publishing deal or to be a professional songwriter. “

” Certain songs mean a lot to you, and they don’t really resonate with anybody else, and the ones you don’t necessarily love are the ones that become really meaningful to a lot of other people. “

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You never think your song
When you

Whenever you put out music, you
Certain songs mean a lot to you, and they don