6 Skepta Music Quotes

” Every year, I always go abroad with dark music, and I’m going to these places, and I feel like I want a party rep – I want something that everyone is going to go crazy to and enjoy and have a good feeling. “

” In this music industry, you’ll find the differences with artists. You get some people who really love music… and you get people who do this because they want to have money or want to be famous. “

” Pharrell loves music. When I’m with him, it’s like I’m working with someone that I’ve known all my life, and we’re both there to make the sickest track we can. “

” Konnichiwa,’ to me, is a classic because I don’t make music for today where everyone is going to judge what I did in two years, they’re gonna tell me today. “

” With the music that I’ve put out, I realized that putting pressure on an album isn’t always the right thing to do for yourself. “

” It’s not just my music. Not everyone just listens to grime now ’cause of Skepta. They like how we speak. They like the slang. They like how we dress. They listen to the music. It’s everything. “

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Every year, I always go abroad with dark music, and I
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Pharrell loves music. When I
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