” Well, here’s what I’ll say: The storytellers of ‘Lost’ have taken us on a pretty great journey, and there have been questions along the way, and criticisms along the way, but if you look at the totality of the show, or the experience of it as a whole, I think as long as you look at it from that perspective you’ll be happy. “

” My wife will tell you it’s the little things, like driving my boys to school on my days off so she can rest. We’re not into PDA, but every time we end a phone conversation, we say ‘sarang,’ which means love in Korean. “

” What’s great in theater is that you can sustain the arc of a character for a full three hours, whereas in film or TV, you have to create that arc in little pieces, and usually out of sequence. “

” I think time travel is really tricky. But if there’s a logic and a complete and well-thought-through paradigm for it, I think it can be really interesting. Some of my favorite time-travel movies just make me think and, you know, the ‘what if’ question becomes a big one. “

” When you look at what’s written under the Statue of Liberty, it’s the immigrant story. It’s about ‘bring me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.’ It’s not about ‘only bring me only your rich, your wealthy, your smart. “

” My dad even likes to give me career advice. I’ll let him know about some offers about films and TV shows that I get, and he’ll ask me questions like, ‘What’s the money like?’ and ‘Who got this for you – was it your agent or manager, and what are they getting out of this? “

” It’s one thing to talk about lack of diversity and lack of representation. But that doesn’t matter if you’re not good at what you’re supposed to be doing. “

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