” You don’t want to be too hot in the club. And ambience is important – no fog machines. “

” I have to remind myself when I’m on a job and I’m feeling a lull in attitude or confidence or whatever, I’m there for a reason. I have to constantly remind myself of these almost corny Pinterest mantras, like ‘You are worthy. “

” It’s really hard not to fall into that trap of insecurity when you’re a model. Beforehand, I never looked at myself in a huge monitor with 30 people around it every day. “

” It’s not that that I’m not comfortable being naked, but when you grow up fat, you can’t take away the shame or embarrassment even though you’re a model. It’s not just erased. “

” The International Girl Crew isn’t supposed to be super exclusive – that’s a really important part of our brand and message. It’s not just our crew – it’s a lifestyle. It’s for everybody to know how empowering it is to be surrounded by friends who motivate and support you and who you feel like you can exchange ideas with and do projects with. “

” Growing up, people would always say, ‘You have such a pretty face.’ It’s kind of backhanded. That’s the kind of things we have to stomach. “

” You’re dealing with all these foreign agents, foreign brushes, and different time zones. So, you have to put just as much work into taking that makeup off as you do into putting it on. “

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