7 Tiffany Hwang Music Quotes

” I’d like to pursue music back home because I still tend to express myself better through my mother language – English – and it’s something I’ve been dreaming about and would like to achieve. “

” I’m kind of glad that, over the years, K-pop has really been going into a much more global audience. Especially since I really am leaning towards pursuing the American music market. “

” I think it’s exciting that fans can immediately pick up on what my music is about and what I’m leaning towards: that they get to actually feel it. “

” I’m just thankful that we were able to reach out to so many different fans that didn’t know what our music was. “

” I express myself better when I’m singing, so I always want to hold on to the music side. “

” Personally, I’m a big fan of Ryan Tedder. He has amazing music. “

” We like music that’s strong and upbeat. “

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