” I don’t think that when I’m acting I feel like I lose myself to it, but that sense of losing, that sense of discomfort, well, I guess maybe that comes a bit! It’s about redefining what ‘uncomfortable’ means for you. “

” It’s like, you can know you want to live your life by being yourself, but how do you actually do that? That can be a whole lifelong journey. “

” When I’m auditioning for something, if it’s not me, I really hope the part doesn’t go to me. You know what I mean? I don’t want to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. If it’s me, wonderful. If it’s not me, there’s space for all of us. “

” You can’t play having a mental disability. You have to play whatever that person’s truth is without any judgement. “

” When I look at my body, I’m like, ‘I’m a lead of a TV show?’ To have a man in the business say, ‘Come along just as you are,’ is really an incredible thing. “

” When you’re building a show from the ground up, there are no answers or wrong move, because there’s no bible. “

” Young girls in particular aren’t given a space to be messy and complicated and express themselves and experiment – they’re told to be a little quieter and a little less than. “

” My parents were really loving, open people to be around. I don’t remember them ever telling me this profession is difficult. There was never, ‘Uhhh, what else are you interested in?’ They were just, ‘Great. Done. Go for it. “

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