” I don’t want to be one of those young actors who is around for a couple of years and melts off the scene. “

” I don’t think, as an actress, you want to be beautiful. It’s actually a disadvantage because that’s not where all the interesting parts lie. “

” I love film, but it’s funny going to drama school for three years, where you spend most of your time training for theatre, then coming out and just doing films. “

” You want a career. You don’t want to do a couple of good films and then your career is over. “

” I think I would’ve been a bit terrified to have gone and done a lead straight away. Obviously great if you do, but it’s all about longevity. “

” Now, if I speak to people who want to act, I say, ‘Don’t give yourself a back-up.’ If I had gone to university, I wouldn’t be doing this job now. Having that pressure and no other option just made me work that much harder for it, because you have no other choice. “

” After doing ‘War and Peace,’ I suddenly got lots of seductress roles. It’s easy to put people into a category after you’ve seen them in one thing that you feel fits with them. But I’m trying to make a conscious decision to do different things. “

” It wasn’t conscious, but I’m glad I’ve had a slow and steady career path. I wanted to develop my style, and I wanted to be the one making the decisions. Sometimes, when you become a success quickly, those decisions are out of your control. “

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