” I’m well into sort of Santiago Calatrava and people like that. “

” It’s claustrophobic, and I think it is to do with the amount that we’re exposing people to one particular point. “

” It’s incredible, but I think a lot of people it shot over their heads ’cause they’re used to just getting images and messing around with them, and for us to do something quite so ‘designed’ was a bit of a shock. “

” We don’t really talk about music that much, to be honest with you. It’s not some I usually – I can’t really talk about other people’s tracks never mind my own. “

” Our live set’s become increasingly complex recently, we’ve been doing stuff that’s been vastly too much information for most people to deal with and I think it’s quite interesting watching how people behave in those situations, under those circumstances. “

” I think doing more live stuff’s made us feel a certain way about that particular point. I quite like small clubs. I don’t really like playing in big clubs, and I think I’m really into the idea of a few people being together. “

” There aren’t many people who say that Europe is a territory, or Asia is a territory – it’d be suicide. And there are even more people in America than in Europe. I think it’s strange, really. I basically see it as loads of different places. “

” I’ve never seen America as being one place, but I think the record industry people I’ve spoken to – although they will acknowledge that the cities are completely different from each other – I think they still handle it as being one territory. “

” A lot of the Warp stuff has infected people’s minds ’cause they’re at the point where they can put tracks out, ’cause electronics are cheaper in America and kids are richer generally. “

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A lot of the Warp stuff has infected people